• Fighting Illiteracy

    OPV is seeking to build capacities starting from the basics without discrimination ...  more info

  • Hotline Service

    Since its inception, OPV has been operating a hotline service using the number 78-881331 ...  more info

  • Children activities_2019-2020

    In these difficult times, special activities are organized for refugee and Lebanese children to create favorable settings for communication and fraternity. Fun activities are also designed to develop the capacities and skills of children.

    ...  more info

  • Food bank project_2016-Present

    In view of the difficult socio-economic situation in Lebanon in general, and that of Damour and the neighboring areas in particular, in view as well of the spreading poverty and unemployment, the flow of refugees from Syria and Iraq, OPV launched in February 2016 the foodbank project.
    ...  more info

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