Since its inception, OPV has been operating a hotline service using the number  78-881331. This service facilitates communication with beneficiaries, improves service delivery and simplifies referral to other specialized organizations when need be.

OPV receives thirty to forty calls monthly and mainly answers queries related to HIV and other STDs, the symptoms, tests, treatment as well as to give appointments for a quick test administered in all confidentiality by the Organization.

Many inquire as well about psychological, social, educational and medical support that the Organization can provide.

In 2019, OPV received around 600 calls, distributed as follows:

·      80% to inquire about HIV and other STDs

·      15% to inquire and ask for various social and medical assistance

·      5% to seek psychological support

In 2020, and since February many callers are asking about the Corona Virus, prevention measures and behaviors increasing the risk of transmission.

The hotline simplifies the operation of the referral system and enhances communication and connectivity with other organizations.

Trained individuals answer the queries in a perfect commitment to confidentiality and privacy.