About us
About us
Be the change you want to see in the world
The start
Years ago, a group of friends started reflecting on the meaning of life, the true aim… and they found it in the smiles of children and the hope that one can simply bring by visiting people in need. This is why  “Oui pour la Vie” volunteers adopt a reverse course of action in helping those in need, knocking on doors instead of waiting for people to come knock on ours.
When we go to the poorest streets and houses, we work to meet the basic needs of people regardless of their nationality, class or religion.
The connection
Every day, needs get more and more diversified, they include poverty, diseases, STD’s, social issues…
In order to bring assistance to the largest number of people, “Oui pour la vie” adopts a referral system that aims at directing the person in need to the best fit organization. 
Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and knowing the importance of the youth in our society today, “Oui pour la Vie” also organizes educational programs aiming at spreading awareness amongst young people so they can be more conscious of the risks they may encounter and act as a more active member in the society.
The step further
With days and acquaintances, we found that many are those who look for a meaning in this life, and would really like to help but just don’t know how. Ever since “Oui pour la Vie” was established, we have been working on securing donations, and expanding the scope of our activities in order to reach as many people as possible.
Our assistance, as small as it is, mainly aims at being close to people feeling left behind in the fast paced train of life.