Youth are at the heart of any healthy community, and out of our firm belief in the importance of their role we have set a series of goals mainly focused on young individuals as a pillar for development through specialized programs.


One main program aims to raise awareness on the use of drugs and its implications on individuals, their families as well as their communities. We also offer information on the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Awareness raising includes direct intervention on the field through the distribution of brochures containing important health information, ways of prevention and protection and means to alleviate the risks of STDs and HIV.


To expand the scope of impact, OPV coordinates its activities with a number of local and international civil organizations.


OPV also offers free voluntary testing services for the detection of HIV, hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis. It provides as well counselling services at its headquarters.


To better serve its beneficiaries, OPV adopts a wide referral system according to the needed service.


It organizes meetings and workshops on health and societal issues, for young people in general and for the marginalized and high-risk categories in particular.


Workshops are usually centered on the following topics:

-  Raising awareness on sexual health
-  Informative meetings on HIV and STDs
-  The rights of marginalized categories, in particular their legal status
-  Digital security
-  Drugs, the risks of use, addiction and available treatment
-  The rights of refugees in Lebanon